Week of 5/16/22 -5/22/22

This Monday was super busy with four(!) activities between kids. I dropped them off at their first activity, and came home to make picnic dinner.

After dinner, we took a little walk with Hope.

The Negotiator is finishing up his Science Olympiad and got a medal and a certificate.

On Tuesday morning, the Reader joined me for Hope’s morning walk.

We went swimming twice.

Ninja got to enjoy the sun.

And this is how the Negotiator “sits” in the chair.

This and That

The Negotiator has been doing the “Potion” for the Science Olympiad. He wants to try some experiments at home.

We have been going to the pool twice a week. There’s no swimming class they can take, so we just play and swim in the pool.

With the weather getting hot, cooking has been a bit hard. Just trying my best…

While the Reader was in the book club at library, the Negotiator and I (and Hope) took a walk.

He found a dandelion and had to blow it, making a wish 🙂

And the spring is finally here. Flowers are blooming!


We joined the scout for a hike. The weather was great!

The Negotiator and I was “hiking buddies”.

We took breaks to have snacks and water.

There was a dam(?) at the end, and we all went to take a look at it.

It was the longest hiking we ever had I think. It was really fun.

Week of 4/17/22 – 4/23/22

We started the week with snow!

Then there was the Negotiator’s swimming class.

The reader got sick and the Negotiator threw him a “get well” party.

While the Reader took this week off to get better, the Negotiator worked hard.

And played magic with Dad.

Week of 4/11/22 – 4/17/22

This week was especially busy with all the Easter events on top of spring activities.

The Reader went to pool for his aquanaut badge for the Boy Scout.

Then we had a flashlight egg hunt.

They were in the different age groups and I stayed with the Negotiator.

And he found two tickets in the eggs!

Then we went to camping. Boy, what a day we picked. It was cold, rainy, and windy.

The Price of Making Video Games

The Negotiator really wants me to help him make a video game. It takes time to do so, and it’s hard to develop something that’s really worthwhile. I had just come back from exercising, and jokingly, we said that I would help him make a video game, if he was willing to wear my sweaty shirt.

He agreed.

I have no words, except to say that he really wants to make a video game. I guess it’s time to start crackin’ and help him make one!