Taekwondo Belt Testing

For the first time, the Reader had belt testing at a campground. The facilities were pretty nice. It may be a good idea to go camping there sometime.

The Reader wasn’t feeling his best, but he still showed great form!

We found out yesterday that… he passed! Congratulations on your new belt!

A Day of Swimming and Taekwondo

I took the Negotiator to his swimming class.

He enjoyed it alright, but noted that the class was too easy. We told him that the basics were important – though, we might look for something more challenging. The Negotiator did mention that he had an admirer in the class.

Anyway, after the class, we headed over to pick up the Reader from his Taekwondo class. I drove to the class, got out of the car, and waited for the Negotiator to exit the car.

This is what I saw…

Presumably, the standard way of getting out of cars doesn’t fly for the Negotiator.

The Reader had some nice sparring during his practice.

All in all, it was a fun day – albeit a little weird.

Blood Donation

I donated blood, again. There wasn’t a strong reason for it except that it may be slightly healthy, and it’s helpful to other people.

Depending on the type of donation, it’ll take varying amounts of time. This one didn’t take too long.

Week of 7/18/22 -7/24/22

On Monday, the boys asked me to come out to look at this critter in the backyard.

We concluded that it is a gopher?

On Tuesday, the Negotiator had an activity at the nearby library. The Reader and I (and Hope) took a walk at the park by the library.

Then he wanted to wade in the creek.

And this is what the Negotiator made: a marble maze (we updated a bit at home).

When the days seemed cooler, I went out for afternoon walks with Hope.

Blackcap Pie

We’re fortunate enough to have several berry bushes. A lot of them are blackcaps – black raspberries, which are sweet, and make for delicious pie!

I picked several blackcaps with the kids, and we decided to make a pie!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough berries to make the full pie… So I went with a “half pie” instead. We didn’t have small pie sheets, so I used a rectangular one.

The pie was pretty tiny, so we only got four pieces out of it. But it didn’t taste that bad! It’s nice growing berries at home!

A Walk in the Park

The weather was great, so we decided to go out for a walk in the park. Nearby a local farmers’ market, there’s a nice area to walk and have a picnic.

The kids found a nice rock to conquer.

The Negotiator found an interesting specimen, which he was able to keep!

Good eye, Negotiator!

We had a nice picnic in the park, and finished things off with a nice dessert at the local ice cream shop.