We aren’t really big on bowling. In fact, I think we had never gone bowling with all four of us present. That is, until now. We all went bowling at a nearby bowling alley.

We used bumpers and still didn’t do that great in terms of score. But we still had fun!

Maybe we’ll go again, sometime.

New Coffee Shop

We tried out a new coffee shop nearby for the first time. We just happened to find the place the other day while driving in the area. Its location is rather secluded.

The food was good, and the coffee wasn’t bad, either.

Cub Scout Building

Today’s Cub Scout meeting featured birdhouse building.

You might notice from the group photo that most dads are helping their sons build the houses. The Negotiator wanted to be more independent.

In the end, it turned out okay!

Lunchtime Surprise

We stopped by to visit the Negotiator for lunch today. We didn’t have a particular agenda, but he was happy to see us!

Grocery Shopping

I went grocery shopping with the kids. The Negotiator wanted to push the cart. Even after we got a lot of things and the cart got heavier, he still wanted to keep going.

I offered to help out in pushing the cart, but some things can’t be negotiated.

Taekwondo Tournament

The Reader had his first major Taekwondo Tournament! He had participated in a smaller tournament once before, but this was his first big event.

Participating in the competition was educational. The Reader had hopes for a better result, but learned a lot!